Преобразователь частоты для анализатора цепей FEV-19


The FEV-19 Series will expand your existing Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)  capabilites so you can conduct industry  leading millimeter wave S-parameters measurements in U band. These frequency extension modules connect to your existing test ports, and leverage the inherent microwave network analyzer’s performance and features to display full port S-parameters: Two measurement architectures are available:1- path/2-port and fully reversing 2-port. Waveguide calibration kits are available as seperate accessories.

• Full simultaneous 2-port or 4-port network analysis
• Excellent dynamic range
• Excellent stability
• Compact and robust design
• Convection cooled – no fans – hence no vibration.
• T/R and T heads available
• Electronic power control compatibility with Agilent PNA-X
• 25 dB integrated manual variable attenuator on Port 1 heads
• 2-Port controller available as standard
• 4-port controller available for balanced and multi-port measurements to special order
• Test and measurement frequency range extension
• Balanced S-parameters
• Multi-port S-parameters
• Wafer probe measurementAntenna measurements
• Dielectric material characterisation

• Test and measurement frequency range extension
• Balanced S-parameters
• Multi-port S-parameters
• Wafer probe measurement
• Antenna measurements
• Dielectric material characterisationAccessories

• Calibration kits
• Cables
• Manuals
• Flight cases

Specification Unit Min Typ Max
System Operating Frequency GHz 40 60
Test Port Output Power (2) dBm 3 9
System Dynamic Range (3) dB 100 120
Raw Coupler Directivity dB 40 45
Trace Stability Magnitude (4) dB ±0.1
Trace Stability Phase (4) degree 1
Test Port Input 0.1dB Compression Point dBm 15
Manual Variable Attenuator dB 0 25
RF Input Frequency GHz 10 15
RF Input Power dBm 5 10
LO Input Frequency GHz 10 15
LO Input Power dBm 5 10
IF Output Frequency MHz 5 50
Test Port Damage Level dBm 25
RF/LO Port Damage Level dBm 15
Test Port Interface WR-19 UG-383/UM
RF/LO Connector 3.5 mm (F)
IF Connector SMA (F)
DC Power Requirements +6V at 1500 mA
Weight kg 3,5
Dimensions (L x W x H) 345 x 140 x 90
Operating Temperatures °C 0 30

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