Программируемый аналоговый генератор шума PNG7000


The PNG7000A Series instruments generate white Gaussian noise and provide a summing input to control signal-to-noise
(snr) or carrier-to-noise (cnr) for bit-error-ratio (ber) testing. The output can also be used as a random source for time
domain Jitter applications. A key feature of this instrument is its low distortion signal path that sums the user-supplied signal with the internal precision white noise source.

The signal path has a nominal insertion gain of 0 dB, with very low amplitude and phase ripple. The noise source provides
an exceptionally high crest factor for accurate bit error rate testing, even with large carrier-to-noise (cnr) or bit energy tonoise density (Eb/No) ratios. With the addition of option 7, DC coupling will allow adding noise directly to a digital ttl, ecl, or similar signal.
The standard PNG7000A is a broadband device, but for applications that require a greater range, the unit can be configured with up to five band-limited noise sources, each optimized for flatness over the specified frequency band. Noise Com will modilfy base units for specific customer needs. For pricing and availablity, consult the factory.

The PNG7000A Series is microprocessor-controlled and provides information about operation of the instrument via a 6.25” color tft display. Control of the noise level, noise on/off switching, signal on/off switching, and noise source selection can be controlled either manually by the touch screen, or remotely via ieee-488 bus, Ethernet, or Serial type rs232. The PNG7000A instruments can be integrated into a test station under software control, and with the aid of a precision power meter the C/N or Eb/No ratios can be set.

Once a cnr calibration has been performed, the ratio can be changed using the internal precision attenuator to vary the
noise power without degrading accuracy. The output noise power level is factory calibrated at a 0 dB attenuator setting
and is displayed in dBm/Hz.

Модель Диапазон частот Мощность КСВН дБм/Гц Неравномерность АЧХ (дБ)
PNG7105A 1 МГц — 10 МГц +3 0.316 -67 ±0.25 / 40 МГц
PNG7107A 10 МГц — 100 МГц +3 0.316 -77 ±0.25 / 40 МГц
PNG7108A 10 МГц — 500 МГц +3 0.316 -84 ±0.25 / 40 МГц
PNG7109A 10 МГц — 1 ГГц +3 0.316 -87 ±0.25 / 40 МГц
PNG7110A 10 МГц — 1.5 ГГц +3 0.316 -89 ±0.25 / 40 МГц
PNG7111A 1 ГГц — 2 ГГц +3 0.316 -87 ±0.25 / 40 МГц
PNG7112A 10 МГц — 2 ГГц +3 0.316 -90 ±0.25 / 40 МГц(>500 МГц), ±0.75 / 40 МГц (<500 МГц)
PNGopt02 75 Ом входной и выходной импеданс
PNGopt03 230 В переменного тока, 50 Гц
PNGopt04  Переключатель до 5 источников
PNGopt05 RS-232 интерфейс
PNGopt06 127 дБ сигнал, аттенюатор с шагом 1 дБ
PNGopt07 6 dB RF Loss
PNGopt09 Custom internal filters
PNGopt10 Custom frequency, power,
or flatness requiremen
PNGopt11 GPIB IEEE 488.2 интерфейс
PNGopt12 19 дюймовый набор в стойку
PNGopt13 BNC -мама/папа вход/выход

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