P5960 Логический пробник


Verification and debug of today’s high speed digital signals requires probing solutions that can accurately acquire from a wide variety of electronic designs and protect signal fidelity. Tektronix logic analyzer probes contain a variety of connectivity options that are engineered to ensure that signal acquisition is a true reflection of your design’s performance.

Key features
  • Low total capacitive loading minimizes intrusion on circuits
  • 20 kΩ input resistance
  • 7.5 Vp-p dynamic range supports a broad range of logic families
  • Variety of attachment mechanisms including the high-density D-Max®, Mictor, square pins, and flying leads.
  • Digital hardware validation and debug
  • Monitoring, measurement, and optimization of digital hardware performance
  • Embedded software integration, debug, and verification

Leading probe solutions for real-time digital systems analysis – P5900 series probes

No test and measurement solution is complete without probing and the consideration of its impact on your system and your measurement time. With the industry’s lowest probe loading, the P5900 Series logic analyzer probes protect the integrity of your signal — minimizing the impact on your design. The P5900 Series logic analyzer probes when used with TLA6400 Series logic analyzers make sophisticated logic analysis available at an affordable price. Select from a variety of attachment mechanisms, including the high-density D-Max®, Mictor, and general-purpose.

P5910 17-channel general purpose probe

The 17-channel P5910 provides flexible general-purpose probing, with support for 0.100 in. and 2 mm pin spacing, low input capacitance, and accessories for connecting to many industry-standard connections.

P5960 34-channel D-Max probe

For applications where circuit board space is limited, the 34-channel high-density P5960 D-Max offers the smallest available footprint and a quick connection mechanism.

P5934 34-channel Mictor probe

The P5934 is 34-channel mictor probe with quick connect/disconnect and a positive-latching mechanism to ensure a secure, reliable connection.

All specifications apply to all models unless noted otherwise.
Compatible with TLA6400 series logic analyzers
P5910 P5934 P5960
Probe type Single-ended Data
Single-ended Clock
(General purpose)
Single-ended Data
Single-ended Clock
(Mictor 34-channel)
Single-ended Data
Single-ended Clock
(D-Max® Probing Technology)
Number of channels 17 34 34
Recommended use Most general-purpose applications Applications requiring many channels to be connected quickly in a small footprint High-performance applications requiring many channels to be connected quickly in a small footprint
Attachment to target system Fits both 0.100 in. and 2 mm square pin configurations Amp Mictor 34-channel connector D-Max® probing technology compression cLGA

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