Цифровой генератор шума GPS7500


The PNG7000A Series instruments generate white Gaussian noise and provide a summing input to control signal-to-noise (SNR) or carrier-to-noise (CNR) for bit-error-ratio (BER) testing. The output can also be used as a source for Jitter applications. A key feature of this instrument is its low distortion signal path that sums the user-supplied signal with the internal precision white noise source. Standard units can be modified for specific customer requirements. Please consult the factory for pricing and availability of these requests.

Quick Features

  • Type N, BNC, or SMA connectors available
  • 127 dB attenuation in 1 dB, or optional 0.1 dB steps*
  • Summing input for CNR, or Eb/No measurements
  • 0 dB signal path insertion loss
  • +/- 0.25 dB per 40 MHz noise band smoothing
  • SP6T switch allows four internal/external filter paths
  • Standard Ethernet, or optional GPIB remote control
  • Optional rear panel connectors

* Units above 2 GHz have 79.9 dB attenuation

Description Specification Notes
CW Operating Frequency Range 1000 MHz to 2000 MHz Internal Synthesizer
Noise and Pulse Interference
Center Frequences
1575.42 MHz (L1) and optionally
1227.60 MHz (L2) or 1176.45 MHz(L5)
Tunable over +/-20MHz for each Band
Arbitrary Signal (AM, Noise, Pulse)
3dB Bandwidth
0 to 40 MHz
Frequency Stability +/- 0.5 ppm Over 0 to 55 degrees C
Minimum Frequency Resolution 20 kHz
Phase Noise -46 dBc/Hz at +/- 20 kHz Offset
-122 dBc/Hz at +/- 100 kHz Offset
Maximum All Modes
Typical CW Mode
Typical Spurious Output -52 dBc at <+/- 21.5 MHz Offset
-80 dBc at >+/- 21.5 MHz Offset
All Modes
CW Mode
Maximum Spurious Output in CW Mode -122.5 dBc between 1564.42 MHz
and 1586.42 MHz
For CW signal at < 1525 MHz or > 1610 MHz
Available Output Power +10 dBm at 1000 to 2000 MHz
+21 dBm at 1555 to 1595 MHz Combiner
After internal GPS plus Interference
Lowest Output Power -126.5 dBm
-170.5 dBm/Hz
All Modes
Noise Mode
Output Power Resolution 0.1 dB
Interference/Signal Ratios Up to 155 dB Relative to -134.5 dBm GPS Signal
Minimum Pulse On/Off Ratio 164.5 dB In Pulse Mode, 1575 to 1595 MHz, > +20 dBm.
Pulse Duty Cycle 0 to 100%
Pulse Width Resolution 6.67 ns
Pulse Repetition Rates 5 Hz to 75 MHz
Maximum CW, Noise 41.25 dBm/MHz Isolation to GPS Input
Part Number Description
GPS7500 Noise & Interference Generator for GPS Testing at L1 Band, 1575.42 MHz +/- 20 MHz
GPSoptL2 Additional independently programmable Noise
and Interference Generator for L2 band, 1226.20 MHz +/- 20 MHz
GPSoptL5 Additional independently programmable Noise and
Interference Generator for L5 band, 1176.45 MHz +/- 20 MHz
GPSoptREF GPS Signal Splitter with Isolated GPS Output for Reference Receiver

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