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Schwarzbeck NNBL 8225

Schwarzbeck NNBL 8225

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This Line–Impedance Stabilisation Network (LISN) is designed according to MIL461E or MIL461F respectively  Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics). This corresponds to older versions of CISPR 16–1-2 Chapter 4.2 for a single path with 50 μH + 5 Ohm || 50 Ohm. In opposite to newer CISPR versions MIL has no requirements regarding the phase of the impedance or the decoupling between mains and DuT side of the LISN.


Typical attenuation EuT-terminals to BNC. Individual data is attached to every LISN. The calibration includes a normalisation of the voltage at the EuT terminals of the LISN with terminated LISN output. Then the measurement of the insertion loss from the EuT terminals to the BNC terminals of the LISN is made.

Typical Impedance at EuT-terminals, BNC terminated. Individual data is attached to every LISN. The Impedance at the EuT terminals is determined with the BNC-connector terminated with 50 Ohm. The use of an appropriate calibration adapter is mandatory to get accurate results.


Product Description

Frequency Range: (9) 150 kHz — 100 MHz
Max. cont. current: 20 A
Max Voltage (DC) 250 V
Max. Voltage (AC 50/60 Hz): 250 V
Max. Voltage (AC 400 Hz): 140 V
Impedance: (50µH+5Ohm)||50Ohm
DC-Resitance (+/- 20 %)
mains-EuT: ca. 10 mW
Weight: 2.2 kg
Dimensions (housing WxHxD) 0.16×0.16×0.26 m
EuT Connectors: Wing terminals
Supply Connectors: Wing Terminals
Connector for receiver: BNC female 50 Ohm


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